Unlimited Conferencing - Products Overview

Unlimited Conferencing Products

We all pay for unlimited plans on our mobile, the internet, the gym and so on. Why do people still charge per minute, per person for expensive teleconferences?

With Unlimited Conferencing, we offer a simple, cost-effective reliable service. Simply choose the maximum number of callers you will have in a teleconference at any one time and use this service as much as you like within the monthly pay period.

Unlimited Conferencing offers global dial in, the picture below shows the locations you can dial in from by calling a local number.

Dial in locations

  • Unlimited Voice Conferencing
  • Every voice conferencing plan comes with an unlimited number of teleconferencing minutes and the ability to change the participant pin code through a secure online web portal.

  • The voice conference details can be emailed straight from your secure web portal either to the participant with only the particpants pin code and dial in numbers or to yourself with all the details.

  • Web Conferencing/Collaboration
  • The browser-based webconferencing solution offers unparralled accessibility and ease-of-use with local or optional global dial in.